About Thukhur

Meaning of Thukhur

Thukhur in Arabic implies building and nurturing valuable and precious assets that can be used at a time of need. Thukhur also identifies with visualizing the future and having the foresight to invest in the right areas to create an environment where we can thrive.

Leaders for Development Initiative (Thukhur) believes that securing the wealth of a nation requires investments that will build a strong platform for future change. The human capital of a nation will build a community whose assets are being fully recognized and mobilized as indispensable tools for development. Thukhur intends to assemble a unique combination of assets upon which Kuwait can build its future through its people, who will lead its institutions to follow the development plans set in motion.

Thukhur has to do with sustainability. Defined as the use of current resources without depriving future generations from benefiting from these resources. Initiative Thukhur builds a resource for Kuwait to benefit from today and well into the future.

The Purpose

Kuwait Initiative for Leaders of Development (Thukhur) originated with the intention of carefully selecting and training 100 professionals that will be part of an elite network (Thukhur Club) with the right skills to manage projects that carry forward Kuwait's development plans.

Kuwait Initiative for Leaders of Development (Thukhur) network members are also expected to be creative and innovative. They will address issues, createsolutions and solve problems toavoid duplication of effort and to expedite the completion of projects within the planned scope and budget.