Initiative Academic Advisor – Cornell University

Building an initiative as comprehensive as Leaders for Development Initiative (Thukhur) was made possible with the support and contribution of the one of the world's most prestigious organizations, Cornell University.

As the Leaders for Development Initiative (Thukhur) Academic Advisor, Cornell University plays a key role in assessing the competencies and skills required to drive successful development projects in Kuwait. This assessment process will involve a thorough analysis of the existing challenges and identifying specific competencies/skills that are needed to ensure successful project execution in Kuwait.

Cornell University is the most educationally diverse member of the Ivy League. Cornell University was founded on the principle of "any person, any study". The importance of this to Kuwait is that Cornell is dedicated to improving the lives of citizens worldwide It has the breadth and depth of academic resources to support the Thukhur Initiative. In developing the "Leaders for Development Initiative", Cornell University will employ an interdisciplinary approach to draw upon expertise and knowledge within the relevant schools of the University including the School of Industrial and Labor Relations, the Johnson Graduate School of Management, the College of Engineering, the College of Architecture, and the School of Hotel Administration. For more information on Cornell University please visit