The Program

Initiative Details

Leaders for Development Initiative (Thukhur) will consist of 4 phases:

Phase I – Candidate Selection:

A thorough review will be conducted to select the first 100 candidates who will be ranked according to the eligibility criteria (please refer to the section on How to Apply).

Phase II – Induction:

The selected candidates will go through an induction program to acquaint themselves with Leaders for Development Initiative (Thukhur), to know more about the training they will be undertaking, and training schedules and outcomes. They will be provided with an explanation of how the network will operate.

Phase III – Training:

A rigorous training schedule completed over a period of approximately 4 months, in 3 stages with intervals between each stage. Training is to be considered as an important screening mechanism. This phase will involve travel to a location outside Kuwait.

Phase IV – Leaders Club:

Graduates of the training program will become part of an elite network Thukhur Club and may be involved in significant projects included within Kuwait’s Development Plan. Membership in this club will support the professional development of each graduate by fostering active relationships and through participation in learning activities that extend the benefits of the formal program. Over time the program’s prominent graduates will become recognized as leaders in their professional endeavors and as citizens whose contribution to the country’s future are essential.

Phase V – Recruitment:

Members of Thukhur Club will be eligible for positions related to the Kuwait Development Plan.

The Outcome

Candidates who successfully complete this training program will enhance their skills in the following areas:

I. Creating the Project Scope

II. Team & Task Structure

III. Selection of Professional Firms

IV. Risk Management Planning

V. Change Control Planning

VI. Status Monitoring

VII. Communication & Coordination

VIII. Budgets & Financing

IX. Evaluation & Analysis

X. Project Leaderships

XI. Presentation Plan

Potential Career Opportunities

Members of Thukhur Club will be eligible for pivotal positions that will implement the Kuwait Development Plan. Based on the right mix of the graduate's background, skills, and fit with the projects being developed, they may be eligible to be chosen for responsible management positions related to a specific project.